Morning Update – Damage Surveys Today – Mild Weather Expected For Affected Areas

Morning Update – Damage Surveys Today – Mild Weather…

Preliminary count of tornados from yesterday’s storms is 10.  The National Weather Service will conduct damage surveys today in Hood, Johnson, Montague and Parker counties.  Tornados are rated based on the damage they cause, not by any sort of estimated wind speed, so we will not know the exact nature of each storm, its path and rating until surveys are completed later today.  Thankfully, the weather today is expected to cooperate in Hood and Jonson counties, the hardest hit areas, so cleanup and damage assessments should not be impacted by continued severe weather.  We do have a chance at storms redeveloping this afternoon; however, they are expected to occur in areas north and east of the DFW metro area or well south of DFW.  Confidence in the exact timing and location of additional storms today is not 100%, so further updates will be forthcoming.   Forecasted highs today in the areas affected by yesterday’s tornados is expected to be in the upper 80′s to low 90′s with breezy conditions.  David returned to Texas overnight and will also be traveling out to the damage zones and will provide updates on what he sees later today.  Our heartfelt prayers continue to go out to all those who were affected by yesterday’s storms.

Graphic below courtesy of the National Weather Service office in Ft. Worth



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